Clear Web Site Establishment

Release Time:2019-01-24 00:00

Rewards can only be obtained by successfully completing tasks according to the basic requirements given by VDS.

Task Reward: 2,600,000 Vollar

Task Rules

1、After establishment of a Clear Web site, the builder must go through VDS and publish the Clear Web site information on the VAD Bidding System, write in the Clear Web site address,as well as the VDS address (must be non-anonymous) used to receive the reward, then keep up normal operation of the website.

2、Clear Web sites do not require the Tor Browser. They can simply be an exact clone of the Deep Web official website. Any group or individual can obtain the Clear Web site codes and materials; they will be provided by the VDS Team. Please follow the instructions listed on the VDS Clear Web site tutorial.

3、Information integrity must be guaranteed for any Clear Web site. Any amendments that go against standards will result in a failure to obtain rewards.

4、Connectivity strength tests for the Clear Web sites will be performed each block week by the VDS team. In order to ensure the healthy development of the ecology, the 3 Clear Web sites with the lowest connection strength will be disqualified for rewards.

Task Rewards

The total rewards shared for Clear Web establishment is 2,600,000 Vollar, which will be issued across 260 VDS block weeks. In each block week (10,080 blocks) the reward will be evenly distributed to all self-built Clear Web sites which have met the necessary requirements. There is no limitation on the region or quantity of established VDS Clear Web sites. All clear web sites that meet the requirements will share the corresponding weekly rewards. Specifics are listed below

Clear Web Establishment Reward:2,600,000 Vollar
Approx. 5 yrs(260 block-weeks) First Year 1,040,000 (52 weeks *20,000)
Second Year 780,000(52 weeks *15,000)
Third Year 390,000(52 weeks *7,500)
Fourth Year 260,000(52 weeks *5,000)
Fifth Year 130,000(52 weeks *2,500)


Download File

Clear Web Establishment Installation Package and Deployment Tutorial


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